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3 Common Things that Can Spoil a New Mattress

3 Common Things that Can Spoil a New Mattress 
We all expect to experience a great night’s sleep after spending a great deal of money buying a new mattress and a bed. However, that’s not always the case when you take the new mattress home. Some people complain that the mattress does not do all you were promised it will deliver, it just doesn’t cut it. Most people will complain of back pains or stiffness, while others will complain that the mattress is making them sleep hot. While it’s true that you’ve got to sleep better after spending all that money on a new mattress, there are other factors you need to consider. These factors can spoil your sleep on Brisbane mattresses.
Do You Have a Good Pillow?
There are several instances when a customer spends a lot of time trying to find the perfect mattress only to call the store a couple of weeks later to complain that the mattress just isn’t working out. After further consideration, they exchanged the mattress for another great one but went home and used the same old worn out pillow. Something as basic as buying a new pillow when buying a new mattress can significantly affect the quality of sleep you get, even from a new mattress. A worn out pillow does not offer the much needed support for your back, which is one of the reasons why you were not sleeping well in the first place. Buying new mattress that supports your spine properly is a great move, but if you don’t have a pillow that can properly support your head and neck, you are still going to feel as if the new mattress is causing discomfort.
What is the Foundation of the Mattress?
Too often customers will complain that the mattress they bought is either too soft or too firm, only to find out that it is not resting on the appropriate foundation. If the mattress you bought was sitting on a firm and non-yielding base in the store then you took it home and placed it on a more yielding base, it’s obviously going to have a different feel. It’s absolutely important to ensure that your new mattress also has a proper foundation to sit on if you want to experience the same comfort you experienced while trying it out at the store.
Types of Comforters You are Using
It is not unusual to hear people complaining that their mattresses are too hot when they sleep on them, yet the Brisbane mattresses offered at 3Mart Mattresses are often good in terms of dissipating heat. Usually, there are several factors that make mattresses feel hot when sleeping. First, the type of comforter you are using matters a lot. For instance, down comforters tend to have a reassuring weight, but they also trap heat and this will most probably make you sweat. The same thing is true for your bed sheets, especially if they are made from microfiber-another fancy name for plastic. Plastics do not breathe and this leads to sweating and discomfort. Additionally, if the foundation of your mattress is made with non-breathable material, it will cut-off air flow and prevent the mattress from breathing, which is essential for heat dissipation. You should also avoid storing tons of stuff under your bed.