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How to Determine When to Buy a New Mattress


How to Determine When to Buy a New Mattress

etermining when to buy a new mattress is not obvious. Mattresses are not like other products that are easy to determine when you need to replace them. Your mattress can feel comfortable even when it can no longer provide your body the adequate comfort and support that it needs at night.

Since quality sleep is very important in determining your ability to feel great and function to your best levels during the day, you should always evaluate the quality of the mattress that you sleep on and its ability to provide adequate comfort and support to your body.

Steps to follow when determining whether you should buy a new mattress

You might not be aware of the condition of your mattress since it is mostly hidden under the blankets and sheets. Nevertheless, if you take time to evaluate it and your sleep, you might realize that your mattress needs replacement.

Follow these simple steps to determine whether you should purchase a new mattress:

1.Evaluate your sleep: If you wake up with numbness, stiffness, pains and aches, you should buy a new mattress. If you always feel tired any time you wake up, you should also replace your mattress. Perhaps, you find sleeping in a hotel better and comfortable than in your home. All these are signs that you need a new mattress because the one you have does not provide the comfort and support that your body needs. Therefore, consider replacing it.

2.Evaluate your mattress: You should examine your mattress carefully. Find out if it has visible tear and wear signs. You should replace your mattress if it looks sagging, dented, worn, sagging or tired.

3.Time: The time that mattresses should last depends on various factors including the frequency of their use as well as their manufacturing material. However, if you have been sleeping on a mattress for the last 7 years or more, you most probably need to replace it to improve the quality of your sleep. You should also consider body or lifestyle changes that might have occurred from the time you bought the mattress. For instance, you have developed a back problem, gotten married, decreased or increased your activity. All these factors combined can make your mattress unsuitable for you in your current situation.

4.Consult your partner: If your partner keeps turning and tossing throughout the night, it means that the mattress that you are currently sleeping on is not providing the required support. This also means that you are also not getting much sleep. This implies that your mattress is not reducing motion transfer the way it should be. Therefore, you should consider replacing it.

Following these steps will enable you to determine whether it is time to buy a new mattress. The current market has different types of mattresses from which you should choose. Take time to conduct market research. This will enable you to find out more about mattresses deals before you go shopping so that you can make the right choice.