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​Learn More about Different Types of Mattresses


Learn More about Different Types of Mattresses

Before buying your mattress, you need to know the choices that you have and what differentiates them. This will enable you to invest in the right product. There are many manufacturers of mattresses in Brisbane. They use different technologies and materials to manufacture their products. This makes their products different.

Among the available types of mattresses in Brisbane include:

Open-coil or continuous mattresses

This is among the cheapest category of mattresses that you will find in Brisbane. These mattresses are made using a single wire that is looped to form springs. The springs are fixed using one wire. They are affordable than other categories although you can spend thousand dollars on their premium models. Turning these mattresses is easier since they are lighter. These mattresses are less responsive to the body and the sleeping partners can disturb one another by turning or tossing since the springs are one unit. Compared to pocket springs, the coil of these mattresses wear out at a faster rate. This implies that you might have to replace your mattress sooner than when you buy other categories.

Memory foam mattresses

These mattresses have memory foam which is a viscoelastic material that is sensitive to temperature. This material forms the top layer of these mattresses. Tempur is the most popular memory foam that was originally produced by NASA. The foam enables you to sink while sleeping. This implies that your weight is absorbed in the mattress. It takes pressure from your joints while increasing circulation. Nevertheless, you also feel the padding closer to the body while sleeping. This means that the mattress is likely to get warm faster. This mattress is also costly.

Latex foam mattresses

These mattresses are made of latex foam. This is a white liquid material that moulds the shape of the body. It comes from rubber tress’ trunks and blended with synthetic latex. This turns it into the latex foam that is used in making these mattresses. A latex foam mattress is durable. Its manufacturing material is able to breathe which makes it an ideal product for allergic individuals since the chances of overheating are minimal. Dust mites cannot survive in latex. Nevertheless, latex mattresses feel solid which can make them unpleasant to some people who need a softer and cushioned feeling. Moving them can also be cumbersome due to their heft and weight. With time, cheaper versions usually get lumpy.

Pocket-sprung mattresses

This is a popular category of mattresses that are found in Brisbane. It has about 3000 springs that are sewn in fabric pockets. These springs can be personalized to form two sides with different firmness. These mattresses provide good support because they ensure an even distribution of body weight. They can support two individuals with varying body weights since they have separate springs. Air circulates freely due to their open-spring construction. Thus, the mattress cannot get excessively warm. They are available in different tensions including firm, medium and soft. Nevertheless, pocket-sprung mattresses have natural materials that include lambs’ wool which makes them heavy. Allergies can be caused by the used natural materials.

With this knowledge, you can easily get a great mattress deal. Simply visit a reliable outlet and buy the mattress that suits your specific needs.