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​What You Should Know when Buying a Mattress


What You Should Know when Buying a Mattress

A good mattress from mattresses store is a great investment that will go a long way in ensuring your comfort while sleeping and improve your health. On average, people spend more than 200, 000 hours in their beds during their lifetime. This is more than the time that people spend doing other things in life.

You have a unique body with curves, organs, bones and muscles which need proper support. According to sleep experts, when you sleep on a mattress that supports your body while providing adequate comfort, you feel better. You also enjoy a healthier and productive life. Several studies have also established that getting inadequate sleep can greatly increase your chances of developing dangerous medical conditions that include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.

Get the right mattress

With this knowledge, it is clearly wise to invest in the right mattress. Your mattress is a long-term investment that will ensure your health, wellbeing and happiness. Therefore, invest your effort and time in finding the right mattress.

Consider quality

Choose a superior quality mattress whose brand has been approved by sleep specialists. It is highly advisable that you purchase a quality mattress that your money can buy. Cheap mattresses might be of low quality. Therefore, you should not bargain for a cheap mattress if you have sleep quality issues that you want your mattress to address.

Consider your partner

If you are buying a mattress on which you will sleep with your partner, involve them in purchasing it. This will enable you to choose a product that both of you will be comfortable with.


Remember that Melbourne mattresses are available in different sizes. The size of the mattress that you purchase should fit the size of your base. Therefore, consider the size of your current mattress or bed before you go shopping. Do the same if you are buying a new bed and a new mattress from different outlets.

Your health needs

If you or your partner have health or special needs that can be affected by the type of a mattress that you sleep on, consider them before you go out shopping. There are different materials and technologies that are used to make mattresses.

This makes it possible for you to find a mattress that will:

Minimize disturbance

Help with back pain

Reduce or prevent allergies

Prevent heat build-up while sleeping

Alleviate joint and muscle pain

Provide extra support

Therefore, consider your health needs when buying a mattress to buy the right mattress.


Ensure that the mattress that you invest in is durable. The quality of the material and technology used to manufacture the mattress will determine the duration that it will last and provide you the support and comfort that you need. Therefore, inquire about the manufacturer, the manufacturing material and the used technology to purchase a mattress that will last longer.

You should also consider buying a mattress and a bed together from 3Mart mattresses. This will not only give you a better mattress deal, but also maximum sleeping comfort since some mattresses and beds are designed to fit or work together.