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1-What is next after I put an order online?



Answer: You will receive an email from us immediately saying your payment is received,you will receive


a second email one day before delivery to remind you our delivery will be done in 24 hours After items is


delivered, you will receive a third email, saying your order has been delivered



2-How soon will the mattress be delivered after I make the payment?



Answer: Usually, this will take 1-5 working days, However, the quickest delivery time can be 24 hours.



3- What about delivery time? 



Answer: You will receive an automatic notification your item delivery time.


Step 1:  Status, Awaiting fulfillment


We will process your order immediately once your online payment is done, we will send you an email:

saying "awaiting fulfillment" , which indicates your order has been processed.


Step 2: Satus, Awaiting Shippment


One day before we deliver items to you, we will send you another email with name" awaiting shippment"

this indicate your items will be delivered in the next following day. so you can prepare for receivement


Step 3: Status, Delivered


Once items has been delivered, We will send you an email: "compoleted".

Normally, Items should arrive between 10.30am to 4pm

Thank you very much


4- Anything I need to do when received mattress?


Answer: When items are delivered, please check and sign your signature if you are happy with goods. If you

find the item package is open or the item is damaged, please contact our customer service immediately.

And please put item as same condition as when they arrived. our customer service team will then help you

to replace for you as soon as possible.